Solem patio awning magnetic stopper

We have repeatedly noticed that the fabric of the Solem patio awning can still slip out a little way, even when it is retracted. It happens particularly with sloping roofs or in windy weather, etc. Do you recognise this problem? Here at LuxxOut, we have come up with a simple yet practical solution!

Terrasoverkapping Solem magneethouder

Simple yet practical

By simply attaching two magnetic stoppers to the first part of the guides, the fabric of the Solem patio awning remains retracted, even in high winds. In fact, even if the Solem is fitted under a sloping roof, the fabric will not slip out of its own accord.


That is, in itself, good news. However, it just keeps getting better. The magnets are delivered as a standard part of the equipment when you order the Solem patio awning!

More about the Solem patio awning

  • View the protective cover we have designed for the Solem patio awning. This protective cover offers maximum protection for the fabric of the patio awning against heavy rain, etc.
  • The Solem patio awning is also available in standard sizes. Which makes life so easy and keeps the price low

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