Vita patio screen
Enjoy outdoor living longer, by living outside. Buy a vertical patio screen from LuxxOut and experience it for yourself!
Price example €870,- Width: 325 cm Roll-out length: 260 cm

Vita patio screen

The Vita patio screen enriches your outdoor living. It keeps you out of the wind and hot sun. What is more, it protects you against rain and prying neighbours. Thanks to this stylish, retractable patio screen, you have endless enjoyment of your garden, patio, balcony, veranda or swimming pool.

Always a solution

Stop the wind and read your book in total tranquillity in the spring sunshine. Create shade on a hot summer day or dine undisturbed on your veranda while raindrops tap on the roof. A retractable patio screen from LuxxOut brings a new dimension to your outdoor living.

Assembly in Simple Steps

Thanks to our inventive and user-friendly system, you do not have to be very technical to assemble the Vita patio screen. Follow the step-by-step plan and install the screen simply at the position you want it.

Curious about the Vita?

Watch the film about the Vita patio screen; be surprised and experience it yourself!

Be inspired by our customers

Top quality patio screens

The patio screens are made from the very best materials. Hoods and handles made from aluminium and galvanised steel springs form an extremely strong unit. Of course the fabric is also of the highest quality. The Vita patio screen gives you many years of pleasure.

You can choose from three types of fabric with different features:

Soltis 86 (polyester)

Excellent visibility

Perfect wind resistance

Easy to clean

Weatherproof and UV-resistant

Extremely strong



Soltis 92 (polyester)

Reasonable visibility

Good wind resistance

Good sun resistance

Good rain resistance

Weatherproof and UV-resistant

Simply to clean

Extremely strong



Tibelly (acryl)

No visibility

Optimum privacy


Extremely strong


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