NEW! The Inova wind screen fabric protector

LuxxOut ‘s Inova patio screen excels in versatility. Depending on the choice of fabric, it can be used as a wind screen, sunblind, rain screen or privacy screen. The perfect solution for your patio, balcony, veranda, swimming pool or Jacuzzi. Of course, that’s nothing new… but this is: the fabric protector we have designed for the Inova wind screen.

Doekbeschermer windscherm Inova

Operating the Inova patio screen

It is very important to operate the Inova patio screen properly when you retract it, so please make sure that you keep the fabric well-centred. In our experience, the fabric is sometimes retracted while its position is too low. However, we have come up with a solution for this.

Fabric protector

The idea behind the fabric protector is that it touches the ground as soon as the fabric is retracted too low, ensuring that you notice that the screen needs to be lifted a little higher. As a result, your fabric will keep its beautiful appearance! Nonetheless, the fabric protector is not intended as a guide. This fabric protector is supplied as a standard part of your Inova patio screen order.

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