It’s very practical! The loop for the Vita wind screen

Often, the devil is in the detail when it comes to being user-friendly and, here at LuxxOut, we specifically focus on those details. After all, anyone who owns one of our patio screens or awnings shouldn’t need to worry about how to use it. We want you to be able to simply enjoy outdoor living in a special place, without any fuss or bother. However, if the Vita wind screen is fitted too high, it’s possible that you can’t reach it easily to operate it and that’s why we’ve added a practical, user-friendly loop to the Vita.

Lus voor terrasscherm VitaThe Vita loop

The loop for the Vita patio screen is around 25 cm in length and can easily be moved to the side, improving the user-friendliness of the patio screen even more.

This loop is supplied as a standard part of your Vita patio screen order.

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Lus terras scherm Vita

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